GIMP, the first time


Well I am finally stating with a custom background image for for my header… I’ve had the idea for a few weeks but have been procrastinating. I finally decided to get on with it this morning.

A few hours later, with a slight interruption to shovel more snow, I had the above result. Right now this is good but you can be assured I’ll be making adjustments as I learn more about GIMP.

I have a mini Linux distro I use that is kept on an 8Gb thumb drive which includes GIMP, so I booted to Linux and started fooling around. I knew I wanted to use the Opera logo as a cursor, but had no idea how to make it transparent and overlay it on my image. After a couple of You-Tube tutorials and many false answers I “figured it out” and the above is the result. (Learning GIMP, something else for the To-Do List.)

The only photo editors I usually use are IrfanView and XnView. Both are great for many things (especially batch manipulation) but for creating layered images and manipulating them, I could not find a way to do what I wanted, so I figured I’d try GIMP.

I’ll give myself a pat on the shoulder for that.

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