Listening to the Weather

I find the weather forecasts here to be somewhat lacking. To make up for this I usually grab my scanner and press the weather button but I am finding that too easy. (I do like make things difficult for myself.)

Yesterday my bride asked what the weather was going to be so having an RTL-SDR dongle and an OTG adaptor I first hooked up the antenna and connected it to my NESDR SMart SDR then plugged it into the OTG cable on my Kindle Fire to tune in and get the Environment Canada weather station nearest 46.5, -80.9.

This is the result with the software and driver (SDR Touch and it’s driver) I’ve installed.

Kindle screenshot

Can anyone top that for making things difficult for yourself? 😁 😁

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  1. I don’t know about doing something in a more difficult manner than “normal.” I do sometimes pick an Other Than Normal Approach.

    I enjoyed reading this. Quite fun to do.

    What OS on the the device? Ah, just noticed your chosen tags for this piece.

    I’ve an LG AOSP running tablet with a USB A port, _and_ been interested in a Nooelec SDR. Thank you for effectively reminding me of this.

    Do you own/use more than one model of this kind of stick? If so, which, and what type of signals do you like to chase or decode? I have many RF monitoring interests so may need to read a ridiculous amount of support files to see which RX is a best fit.

    Cheers, John
    Victoria, BC

    1. Any Tablet (computer) that can get the SDR software and has an OTG cable can receive radio signals although depending on what you listen to you may need an “upconverter” (Ham and Shortwave stuff).
      Nooelec support has been very helpful when I needed it…
      I also use a NooElec “NESDR SDR +” with an E4000 chip. Extended frequency range but not good for “ADS-B” which is mostly what I follow with the Virtual Radar programme (though there is not much flying over my are lately :(.
      If it is something you find you enjoy invest in a good antenna. stuck in an apartment I just use those supplied.


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